Service Selection Board (SSB) assesses a candidates’ abilities to become an Officer in the Indian Armed Forces. These selection boards are located across India. The Army, Navy, and Air Force have their own Selection Boards. However, their selection parameters are common. They work under the Central Agency known as Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) located at Delhi.

Course Outline


D Day : Reception, Documentation & Welcome Talk

D + 1 : Screening Test (OIR, PP & DT, Narration, GD)

D + 2 : Psychological Test (TAT, WAT, SRT, SD)

D + 3 : GTO 1 (GD, GPE, PGT, HGT, GOR, IND Obst)

D + 4 : GTO 2 (LEC, CT, FGT)

D + 5 : Conference


1. Interviews in the afternoon from D + 1 to D + 4
2. Medical 2-3 days on selection
3. Pilot Aptitude Test (For Air Force Only)

How we train & why we are unique?

As we are aware, getting recommended at SSB is the most difficult task. You may have scored a very high percentage of Marks in written examination, but that becomes Zero if you don’t qualify at SSB. Since your Physical, Psychological and mental abilities are assessed by three officers (IO, GTO and Psychologist) under pressure and difficult conditions; it becomes challenging for most candidates to perform well. You therefore need to work hard and practice.

At Doon Defence Education (DDE), our expert team devotes adequate time to find out candidates weaknesses and takes remedial measures to improve them. We at DDE, Constantly monitor the progress of candidates and improve them on a regular basis.

This schedule is of 5 days; we deliberately cover in 14 Days (2 Weeks). After 14 Days, we always permit our students to continue revising/practicing various techniques till he/she goes for the first SSB, at no extra cost. This makes our candidates do well and hence our SSB results are most compatible. Our team is always available 24X7 days a week. We have following schedule at DDE:

First Week 

  1. Monday to Friday GTO 1 and GTO 2
  2. Saturday – Screening Test
  3. Sunday – General Awareness Subjects

Second Week

  1. Monday to Friday – Psychology & IO
  2. Saturday – Screening
  3. Sunday – General Awareness Subjects

We continue to maintain the same cycle. Students can join any day, and will complete the course in 14 Days.

Our special features

    • GTO Ground as per SSB Pattern Available
    • Conduct of all tests as per SSB Pattern
    • Assessment of candidates based on performance and highlighting his/her weaknesses
    • Give adequate time to practice
    • Extensive interviews
    • Comprehensive Current Affairs
    • PABT for Air Force
    • Attention to Repeaters
    • Hostel Facilities Available


Special Attention to Rural Areas Students
We find candidates from these areas have great potential but they lack personality development and question answer technique. We pay personalized attention to improve them. Boys/Girls from such backgrounds, if left with us for 6 months can achieve great results.


Screening Test
At SSB, generally 20-30% candidates get recommended, whereas, we have 90% success rate. It is only possible due to our personal attention, dedication and hard work by our team. Our endeavor is to constantly improve the students.

Final Recommendation
Our candidates success rate is 15-20 % as against 5-10% at SSB. These results are due to our constant hard work & repeated practice to students till they go for SSB. Our charges are only for 14 Days, but we permit candidates till he/she goes for an interview. It may be 30-60 days stay with us.

Our Guarantee
We cover the entire syllabus and ensure that whatever we teach more than 90% questions/tests will be as per our guidelines.




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